At Francis Askew we have embraced Thrive. We use Thrive because we are committed to the children in our care, and we want to understand why they behave the way they do and therefore how we can best support them to develop and learn.  As a result of this belief, all staff have received training on using Thrive effectively so that we can recognise any gaps in our pupils’ emotional, relational development and their learning but also how to address them.

Thrive is a systematic approach to the early identification of emotional developmental need in children so that differentiated provision can be put in place quickly by the adults working most closely with the child.  It is preventative, reparative, pragmatic and easy to use!  By addressing emotional needs, it builds resilience, decreases the risk of mental illness, prepares children for school and equips them to be ready and willing to learn and it helps those children at risk of underachieving or exclusion to stay in school and re-engage with learning.

As this approach is part of our culture and ethos every class teacher undertakes a whole class screening three times a year.  They use the online assessment and planning tool to identify any emotional needs that are underlying observed behaviours.

Once the assessment is complete strategies are chosen to be delivered in class or in small groups.  Mr Dale (AHT – leading inclusion) and Miss Stephenson (ELSA), who are based in the REACH 3 provision, are undergoing training to become trained licensed practitioners who will carry out full assessments with individual pupils; again, a detailed action plan is drawn up and learning targets identified.  Action plans are drawn up for school, home and for any other professionals working with the family so a consistent approach is in place and regularly reviewed for impact.