Francis Askew School Governors

Governance Arrangements:

Francis Askew Primary School is a member of The Constellation Trust.

The Constellation Trust (the “Trust”) is governed by a Board of Trustees (the “Trustees”) who are accountable to the Department for Education (DfE) and have overall responsibility and ultimate decision making authority for all of the work of the Trust, including establishing and running of the academies operated by the Trust.

In order to assist with the discharge of their responsibilities, the Trustees have established a local advisory board for each academy. The terms of reference shall be reviewed at least annually and otherwise as determined by the Trustees.

Constitution of the Local Advisory Boards (LAB)

Members of the LAB shall be known as “LAB representatives”.

The Trustees have the right to appoint such persons to the LAB as they shall determine from time to time. For schools/academies that require improvement or are subject to the Ofsted category of special measures the Trustees may require to appoint or replace members of the LAB.

The composition of the LABs shall be as follows:

  • the Head of School;
  • no fewer than 2 elected parent LAB representatives; and
  • no fewer than 2 community LAB representatives.

LAB representatives for Francis Askew primary school

Mrs L Martin Head of School
Mr M Smith Community LAB representative
Ms V Connolly Community LAB representative
Mrs R Rainger Parent LAB representative
Category Constitution Actual Vacancies
Head of School 1 1 0
Parent 2+ 1 1
Community 2+ 2 0

Further information: