The teaching of phonics & reading in school

At Francis Askew Primary School, we follow the Read Write Inc. phonics programme.  Phonics is for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 who are learning to read. It is also used beyond KS1 for children who may need extra support.

Children is Year 5 and 6 use the Fresh Start programme. Fresh Start is a ‘learn to read’ programme aimed at older children but follows the same principles as Read Write Inc.

Each half-term, we assess and group our children based on their stage of reading not age of reading. This means that all children practise reading at the right level.

In our Read Write Inc. lessons we teach children to speedily read sounds and practise reading and spelling words containing these sounds.  

Children read books that match their phonic knowledge.  We believe success breeds success, therefore our children read decodable books that contain sounds and words they can read.  This matches the National Curriculum.   

Children read each Storybook three times at school to ensure accuracy and build fluency and comprehension. The children bring home this same book so they can practise becoming a storyteller with both fluency and expression.  These build children reading skills and confidence.   

Alongside reading we also teach the children to spell the words they have been reading. They develop their ideas into sentences so that they can write about the storybooks they read. These skills can then be applied to children’s writing across other areas of the curriculum.

We read other stories to children, stories they may not yet read for themselves.  These stories will promote a love of reading, they will build your child’s vocabulary and understanding.  Reading stories out loud has so many benefits, we do this with enthusiasm and love.

Our aim for our children to become independent readers who can then choose their own books to read and develop their love of reading    

Reading is a fundamental and vital skill.  Sometimes our children need extra practice and support, we do this through providing extra tutoring on a one-to-one basis for 5-10 minutes every day.  This is based on ‘keep-up’ not a ‘catch-up’ idea. No child is left behind.

Every child will be taught to read in our school. We are passionate and enthusiastic about ensuring every child is a reader.

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