Francis Askew Staff List 2023-24

Leadership Role
Mrs L Martin Head of School, Assessment Lead, Quality of Education, Leadership and Management, School Self Evaluation, Deputy Designated Teacher LAC
Mrs F Rihane Deputy Head, Designated Safeguarding Lead, Teaching and Learning, Pupil Premium Lead, Intervention Lead, Operations Lead
Mr K Dunlin Assistant Head, Year 3/4 Phase Leader, Curriculum Lead
Mr M Dale Assistant Head, Inclusion Lead – SENCo, Strategic lead Behaviour, Designated Teacher LAC.
Mr A Foster  Year 5/6 Phase Leader, Maths Lead, Deputy DSL
Mr M Hague English Lead
Miss J Clegg Personal Development Lead, School Council Lead
Miss H Ellis Year 1/2 Phase Lead, Phonics Leader
Mrs A Marrow EYFS Phase Leader, Deputy DSL
Class Teachers Role
Mr Hague Year 6 Teacher
Miss Clegg Year 6 Teacher
Mr Finnerty Year 5 Teacher
Mr Foster Year 5 Teacher
Mr Dunlin Year 4 Teacher
Mrs Dales Year 4 Teacher
Miss Laybourne Year 3 Teacher
Miss Creighton Year 3 Teacher
Miss Daddy Year 2 Teacher
Miss Ellis Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Enwright Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Richardson Year 1 Teacher
Miss Hunt Year 1 Teacher
Mrs Whiteford EYFS / Year 2
Mrs Marrow EYFS Teacher
Mrs Buckley EYFS Teacher
Miss Gibbons EYFS Teacher
Admin Team
Mrs J Baker Office Manager
Mrs E Cosgrove Administrative Assistant Finance
Mrs B Brown Administrative Assistant
Mrs M Heeley Wellbeing Officer (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead)
Support Staff Role
Miss A Bateman Nursery Nurse
Mrs A Stockdale Nursery Nurse
Mrs C Rispin Teaching Assistant
Miss J Horsman Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Garland Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Smith Teaching Assistant
Miss L Roe Teaching Assistant / HLTA
Mrs W Rookyard Teaching Assistant
Miss D McMillan Teaching Assistant / ELSA
Mrs M Harrison Teaching Assistant / HLTA
Mrs J Murray Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Bulman Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Tennison Teaching Assistant / ELSA
Miss E Stephenson Teaching Assistant / Thrive / ELSA
Mrs P Divakarla Teaching Assistant / ELSA
Mrs K Pougher Teaching Assistant / HLTA
Mr C Williams Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Davidson Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Emogwha Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Hodgkinson Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Tock Teaching Assistant
Miss H Nicholson  Teaching Assistant
Miss B Foster Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Young Teaching Assistant / ELSA
Mrs L Constable Teaching Assistant / ELSA
Mrs C Landau Teaching Assistant / Thrive / HLTA
Facilities Staff Role
Mr G Haigh Caretaker
Miss J Schultz Senior Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Miss J Wordingham Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Mrs R Mustafa Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs B Warrington Lunchtime Supervisor / Cleaner
Mrs S Hubbard Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Platten Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss N Young Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss M Kerr Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs A Navier Cleaner
Miss C Jude Cleaner