School Meals

Cooked on the premises and very nutritious. Our meals are very popular with the children. Foundation and Key Stage 1 children’s meals are free and Key Stage 2 children pay £1.50 per meal.

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School Money

Free School Meals

At Francis Askew Primary School children in our reception class, year one and year two receive a free school lunch if they wish, and it has not been necessary for any parents to fill in a Free School Meals application form.

We are able to claim extra money from the government which we use to help us provide a range of extra trips for children, and this money is linked to parents applying for Free School Meals in the past. In order to continue claiming this money from the government, we need parents to re-register for Free School Meals.

So, if you receive a benefit that gives entitlement to Free School meals (as detailed below) please pop in to school reception where they can provide a form and help you fill it out.

Children of families receiving Income Support, Employment Support Allowance (income related), Income-based Job Seekers allowance or Universal Credit are entitled to receive free school meals. Families receiving support under Part Vi of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999 are also entitled.

If your child has been in receipt of a Free School Meal at any point in their school life due to a qualifying benefit, then they will not be charged to attend our Breakfast Club.

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