Our Values Based Curriculum

Parents were asked about the values they felt were most important for their children to live by.

6 values were eventually chosen:


Children from Foundation 2 to Year 6 are allocated one of our Houses.

Each House is named after a famous person from the past who had links with Hull:

Francis Askew Houses:

  • (William) Wilberforce
  • (Thomas) Ferens
  • (Clive) Sullivan
  • (Amy) Johnson
  • (Christopher) Pickering
  • (Lillian) Billocca

Each value has then been assigned to a House. Every member of staff apart from the head, is also allocated to a house.

Children can gain house points for keeping the school values. The House with the most house points each term has a special treat eg a visit to Laserquest or bowling. Members of the winning House for the year have a trip out for the day, previously children have been to Scarborough. Assemblies are based on our values and are led by different staff members.

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