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We employ our own school nurse for one day a week.  Her name is Allyson Whitebread and she is with us every Thursday .  If you would like to meet with her we can make you an appointment to see her, she meets with parents in the mornings and works with children in the afternoons. She is also holding drop in sessions every half term in the school hall.

We also employ our own full time Family Worker, Michelle Heeley, who works with families in all sorts of ways.  She will help with anything that is a barrier to helping children to learn in school, especially anything to do with attendance.  Michelle has links with the Rainbow Children’s Centre and she sets up family events and Adult Learning.  She is also your link with Early Help for many different situations. Please get in touch if you feel we can help you.


Ruth Murray, the headteacher, Michelle Heeley our Family Links worker, and Rebecca Kingston, Year y teacher and senior leader, are all in charge of Safeguarding in the school.  If you have any issues with anything relating to this please get in touch with any of the named people.

30 Free Hours for Nursery Places for Working Parents

We have a limited number of free 30 hour places.  Please follow Government guidelines for applying.

Operational_guidance 30 hours free entitlement

15 hours Free entitlement for 3 to 4 years old

We have a nursery which offers either morning or afternoon places of 3 hour sessions. In a very limited number of cases we may at sometime be able to offer a more flexible approach when we are not full but this would not be on a permanent basis.