Subjects are taught through a themed, skills-based creative curriculum. The basic skills in literacy and maths underpin the teaching and learning in the school. Reading is taught using phonic methods in the early stages and the enjoyment of reading has the highest of profiles in the school.

We have just refurbished our library and invested in over £5000’s worth of books. Our philosophy is that no child should leave our school without being able to read. The curriculum is designed to be exciting, to engage children in their learning. Children are encouraged to talk about their learning and to model what they are going to write.

Thinking skills and problem solving are embedded in the curriculum so that children become independent life-long learners.

Year 4 children have a chance to play a musical instrument through the Wider opportunity scheme supported by the Hull Music Service. If children have a talent for playing a musical instrument then they may be chosen to have lessons in smaller groups in years 5 and 6.

Educational visits, art, drama, musical and enterprise activities are regular features of our curriculum. These activities enhance our curriculum and, although usually quite costly, we place these experiences at the heart of our curriculum.

Children are given many opportunities to experience a variety of different art techniques often supported by local or community artists.

Children enjoy making music with the Gamelan musical instruments and many other instruments.
Singing is high profile in the school and children sing popular, classical and brand new songs.

The school was awarded the Artsmark