Pupil Power

At Francis Askew we believe that pupil involvement in decision-making leads to better relationships, improved pupil well-being and better learning outcomes. Pupils and adults work together to ensure that our school provides the best possible learning environment for all. Pupils have an important part to play in helping their school to improve in every aspect of school life.

‘It’s so unfair!’ some children say

To have to come to school each day

But in our school we have a voice,

Our teachers listen, we have choice

How will we learn? How will we play?

What makes us smile every day?

What would we rather do without?

Listen up and you’ll find out!

Our teachers ask and also hear,

Our school gets better every year!

Though Mrs Murray will not yield,

There’s still no swimming pool on the field!

But we still help to make the rules,

Francis Askew is OUR school.