Ofsted says Francis Askew is a good school, but we are aiming to be an outstanding school……

A warm welcome

All children who enter Francis Askew Primary School are treated as very special individuals.

They are given every opportunity to succeed and whatever talents they have will be nurtured. Your child will receive a first class education, the curriculum being designed to appeal to all children, exciting and innovative, but underpinned by the basic skills of literacy and numeracy.

Mrs. Murray – Headteacher

The aims of our school

  • To have happy, polite, well-behaved, independent children who feel safe and secure.
  • To promote a positive and stimulating ‘can do’ atmosphere.
  • To offer an enriched and exciting curriculum.
  • To teach all learners to be responsible members of the community.
  • To use the school’s resources in a way to benefit all its children.
  • To promote a caring attitude to everyone and to the environment.
  • To make sure every child achieves in a supportive, caring environment.
  • To ensure that children learn about, and put into practice, rights and respect for themselves and each other.
  • To make sure every child has access to high quality teaching, and a varied curriculum which includes sport, music, art, drama, languages and spiritual guidance.

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